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Quote #4754 by Joaquin Andujar

Do you want to create safe, secure and easy to remember passwords? Do you find passwords are hard to remember? Here's a easy most secure password to remember for your use.

Using the following quote from Joaquin Andujar we can derive easy to remember passwords that's most secure.

"There is one word in America that says it all, and that one word is, 'You never know'."

Quote Subject: America, Word

Joaquin Andujar: Nationality, Dominican Republican, Born: 21-Dec-1952

Easy to remember passwords is derived from the quote by Joaquin Andujar, one of our extensive collection of 180,000+ quotations.

Suggested Passwords:

Suggested passwords derived from Joaquin Andujar quote:


To remember this safe, most secure password all you have to do is remember the quote (and type only the first character of each word, with a few of the characters in uppercase/lowercase):

"There is one word in America that says it all, and that one word is, 'You never know'."


Note: the above password is changed each time it is displayed by changing which characters are uppercased.

and the first punctuation:


and the year: (you can replace the year with a different set of numbers, the year is an important year to you and remove the first character, we used 1955)


and the second punctuation:


and which application/website the password is for, then add those characters you have chosen for the application/website.

Making it easy to not forget tiowiatsiaaTowi'nk>955%.

The above quote may not be the one for you but you can choose from over 180,000 quotes in our database for your most secure easy to remember passwords.


BFR is a brute force rating of the password, a higher number is generally a more secure. This password has the following characteristics:

  • Length: 23
  • Uppercase characters: 1
  • Lowercase characters: 16
  • Numbers: 3
  • Puncuation: 3
  • BFR: 13

The lowest BFR in our list of quotes is a four while the highest BFR is sixty (100 characters). The BFR is a logarithm value with BFR five being 1000 times greater than BFR four. A password length of eight characters will have a BFR of approximately five while one with a length of twelve characters will have a BFR of seven to eight.

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